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mini cooper

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Without naming names, but watching the impertinence that has occurred on a couple of threads over the last few days....making seemingly irrational point(e)s, and refusing to listen to the many, highly trained, experienced voices of reason.....is that what a troll is?


I live in a very literal world most of the time, and need to have these things explained to me. If I am stepping on anyone's toes, please feel free to edit me.





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Could be, mc, not sure. Sometimes very hard to tell.

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Here's an example of a troll:


I used to frequent a bicycle-related discussion board. There was lots of good discussion about different types/brands of bikes, how to pack a bike to take on an airplane, tips for biking with kids -- that sort of thing. You could be pretty sure that anytime someone posted something like, "What good are helmets, anyway?" it was a troll. A troll likes to stir up the waters deliberately. S/he enjoys being provocative. I think the expression is related to "trolling for fish" -- dragging bait to see who or what will bite -- rather than the mountain variety with the smelly mucous so vividly protrayed in Harry Potter.

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Guest Vicarmac

I think minicooper is on to something. Sometimes they are identifiable quickly, like treefrogs example they are confrontational from the start, they flame and make it obvious. Others are more subtle and sometimes never are detected completely even though people are a little suspicious.

And on another board I have seen them fool people for several posts, garnering sympathy and then as time goes by it becomes plain everyone is being taken for a ride. That is almost worse then the obvious trouble stirer upper or even the suddeningly inapproapriate posts, at least those are obvious. But the others :blushing: grind of teeth here. Vagansmom and balletbooster have seen threads of that kind on another board too as we have even privately corresponded about our suspicions on occasion.

So yep mini cooper you could be right but like Ms Leigh says its hard to tell sometimes.

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I have wondered the very same thing, but I figure I will give "Poster Who Shall Not Be Named" one more chance to post more reasonable questions, topics or responses. I have given the benefit of the doubt up to now that this person was really looking for guidance. This person has received pleny of that so far. If "PWSNBN" goes down the wrong path again, I simply won't respond, and I imagine all of the other sincere members here won't respond either.


If we don't come out to play, then the game is over.

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I'm glad this board is so well moderated for this reason-as although sometimes it's hard to catch hopefully it can't go too far...

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I would like to add my thanks to this Board and the wonderful moderators . This is my first and only experience with a message/information forum, and the barre :D you have set is so high - I won't be joining any others. Thank You

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Amen. And thanks to all who moderate (a generally thankless job, I'm sure.)

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Our basic assumption, on the whole, is that Ballet Talk tends to attract members who are interested in discussion, and are interested both in taking and giving information. Also, that our members tend to check back frequently, so that the moderators have to be quite alert in gently steering conversations, or finding appropriate information on the board, and doing actual facilitating as a part of the job. It's the members who make the board. Silliness is either transitory, or the silly find themselves off in a corner somewhere, where people won't respond to nonsense.

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It took me a couple years to begin posting on Ballet Talk. Despite the anonymity afforded by the Internet, I still felt too exposed. When I finally began posting a few months ago, I did so because I was confused, upset, and looking for clarity. The ballet world is sociologically complex, even somewhat archaic, and the rules are old, inflexible, and in many cases, unstated and unwritten. I think some confusion and conflict are to be expected, given the uniqueness of American patterns of social behavior.


Most of us would say that we'd cut off our right arm for our children, though thankfully we aren't literally asked to do it. But most of us "bleed" for our children and the board is available when it happens. Like a family, the board listens, laughs, and commiserates. I think it provides for those who can heal themselves, and also for those who can't and who sometimes demand that others bleed with them.


I too want to say thanks to all the moderators, but particularly single out Maj. Mel and Ms. Leigh for their exceptional and no doubt sometimes exhausting efforts on this board. I admire your truthfulness, your insistence on respect, your judicious use of the "carrot and the stick" and your patience with everyone. Since I've begun participating, I've been informed by a variety of opinion, experience, and knowledge, and refreshed by a vast range of personalities. I never know when I'm going to be appalled or amused, irritated or reflective. I like it all. Thanks to every one of you.

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Having spent a long time reading the posts - I also waited even to join - as most of my questions were answered with a small amount of searching and there was ( and still is) no hope that I could add more then what is posted by the much more senior and experienced members.....


I just pray I am not the one who shall not be named!!

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Gracey, not to worry! :thumbsup: I'm impressed that you've used the search function so well - that's excellent. :P


I know when I first found Ballet Talk, I spent hours reading old posts....but I still managed to ask lots of questions most of which I'm sure had already been asked. :jump: No one wants to shut anyone down who is trying to get information or needs help or wants to discuss issues in re ballet and their lives, that I can promise you.


And, contrary to what some might believe, there is room for disagreement on Ballet Talk for Dancers. Open discussion is important to everyone. If you've been around for a while you'll know there are people who love one ballet school and others who hate it; people who swear by RAD and those who think the Balanchine style of dancing is the way to go, etc. So, don't hesitate to post or start new threads! :P

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