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mini cooper

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And please don't let us "senior and more experienced" posters intimidate you! Lots of us started out just as you have. Many of us have actual expertise, but some -- like me :) -- are just really good at absorbing what others say and parroting it back. In a few months or years, you'll be a seasoned veteran too!

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There have been some terrific posts on this thread -- thanks to all of you. I do want to add my assurances. We don't look for trouble :) We have been blessed with, generally a troll-free board -- just the fact that there are moderators helps. I think word has gotten around. The people who are really trolls -- who get their jollies going to boards and post mean and/or obscene things -- are deterred because they have to register with a traceable email address, no hotmail. That cuts out 99% of them.


Occasionally we have had people who, say, want to be dance teachers and think the net is a great place to practice giving advice, or constantly ask the same question, or post off-topic comments, or something of that sort. The bottom line for us is whether the posts/poster furthers discussion -- generally. We're all off topic or silly sometimes; that's fine. But someone who's only here to be silly, or who disrupts discussions, who we're more than reasonably sure will never be in sync with the board, or contribute positively to ou discussions -- that's when there's a problem. It happens very seldom. Sometimes it's an immature teen (my very favorite was 11-year-old Scottie who holds the board's record of 44 posts in 30 minutes, trying to work his way up to Administrator; he had a great sense of humor) and sometimes it's an immature grownup. They're the ones who usually get nasty about things, but there are very few of them. The rest of you are wonderful, your questions (no matter how "silly" they seem to you) are welcomed, you help each other in very positive ways -- you're a great group. Thank you!

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