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Do you mind sharing at which residency program your daughter is enrolled? This is such a tough decision for a parent - I am glad that your daughter is happy and the decision that you made has been positive.

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Ballet626, Nlkflint might not get back to you right away because she lives in a part of Florida that was hit hard by the hurricane. She probably doesn't have electrical power now. We're all hoping she and her family made it through without injuries or too much house damage.

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Since for many this is the season of giving I thought I would bring this thread back up for some holiday season air - and for a chance for some who may not have been around last year to read.


Within these many pages are shared stories and there are also some very specific references to different university and college programs, as well as ballet company auditions. :)

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Well, as I started this thread way back when, I'll report in that it was all as nerve ......well it is too LONG an ordeal to think of it as nerve "wracking".... chronically nerve-"wriggling" is more like it -- Any way -Graduation/audition season was just as worrisome as I expected!


In daughter's case, after a very diligent and energetic audition season, a fairly casual encounter led to an opportunity/decision, which she turned to her best advantage, which opened more opportunity .... and NOW I will try to be more placid and detached, and let her and these paths go where they may!


Meanwhile, there definitely is/was great info and mutual support on these boards - so -- Here's wishing safe and successful journeys this winter and spring to us (dp's and dk's) all! :):(

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bump...old stuff but oh so relevant!



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