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pirouettes/balancing with your eyes closed


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I was bored and decided to work on my balance in passe releve (i have terrible pirouettes). Someone had made a comment awhile back saying that I balanced with my eyes and not my body. So today, I decided to balance with my eyes closed.


It worked much better than trying to focus on an object on the wall.


Now, I was wondering, can anyone literally turn with their eyes closed? Is it easier that way? Is it dangerous and terrible technique and should never be considered?


I was just wondering because when I closed my eyes, I felt like I could stand like that forever.


Then again, I haven't tried turning that way. So.

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I don't think I would want to try that, icy. :)

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Haha, I wasn't going to actually try it! :o


I was just wondering. So I guess doing pirouettes with your eyes closed really isn't prudent. Hehe, thanks.

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One time, I had to pirouette with my eyes closed. My mascara (last time I ever wore any) ran into my eyes and the pain was incredible. I ended up doing multiple pirouettes blind and ended on one knee - facing upstage! :o

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That's just blinking. If it's not causing problems turning, it isn't a problem. It could get interesting in a brace of fouettés, though. Be prepared for the nickname "Blinky". :o

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there is this teacher at steps that always does pirouettes from fifth and one time when i took her class she had us close one eye so during the exercise so your spotting with one eye it was REALLY hard but it helps because you learn the order that your eyes should spot it i wouldn't recommend closing both though especially on pointe. ( this was on pointe)

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Guest dancingforever

I did that exercise at Steps too, with Martha Chapman. It helped, and I think she said it was because you had to focus on getting your head around using the eye that was opposite the standing leg...or was is the other way around? :) Well, it did help, so I should figure it out!

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An update: Okay, I was just really curious and i tried turning with my eyes closed. Okay. Never doing that again. :grinning: Then, I tried it without any glasses or contacts. I can say that turning is easier without glasses. Period. Whether or not I can see clearly is irrelevent because I can still spot on that "blurb" in the front.


Summary: Turning with eyes closed bad. Turning without glasses good.



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