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I've asked a question before about knuckling, and I've done a bit of a search about knuckling, so now I know what's going on with my feet.


Because of the way my foot is shaped, I always seem to knuckle from a certain pointe of view. It's like the outside of my foot is a bit rounded, and with my tapered toes, that makes them look knuckled when on pointe. I know I'm not knuckling though, because I stand perfectly straight on pointe, and seen from the side, it looks the way it should look. I know it's also my shoes that make it look worse, and I will get some other ones, but from a certain pointe of view, it will always look a bit knuckled. Is this bad?

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Not if you're not actually knuckling. What do you have, a toe that retracts when pressure is put on it? I've seen those before, and they can give that kind of look.

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