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Next year's schedule

Guest dancingforever

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Guest dancingforever

I was reading the posts about the "ideal schedule" in the Mom and Dad's forum, and I was wondering if my possible schedule for next year is ideal. I am 16 and looking to be in a company that isn't strictly ballet--possibly in theatre.

Monday: Technique 4:30-6, Jazz 7:15-8:45

Tuesday: Pointe 4:30-6, Technique 6-7:30

Wednesday: Tap 4-6

Thursday: Techique 4:30-6, 6-7:30

Friday: Pointe 4-5, Pilates 5:15-6:15

Saturday: Technique (might be pointe sometimes or for a portion of the class) 11:30-1, Jazz 1-2, Jazz 3:30-5

Sunday: Break


Does that look about right? I am not expecting to be in a company like NYCB or ABT.

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At 16, you've got to start bearing down, and concentrate on the things that will help you get a job, even if it's not at ABT or NYCB. I'd lose the tap, and substitute a ballet technique class. At sixteen, you should have technique 6 days a week. Pilates is good to have, but not at the expense of a technique class. Having pointe first isn't the way I'd schedule it. Since you're aiming at a possible musical theater goal, it wouldn't surprise me if you can tap well enough now to get a job. Hey, I learned AT the audition!

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Guest dancingforever

Thanks for saying that I should drop tap. I definitely enjoy it, but you're right that ballet is more important, especially since I feel more like a teacher than student in my tap classes. :thumbsup: I guess that I'll add a technique class from 4:30-6 on Wednesday. As for Friday, my studio is professional but very small, and they don't offer any classes before pointe on Friday, even for younger levels (because if they did, I would take those). I guess I'll give myself a good barre and stretch on flat before class. Your advice, as always, was very helpful and made me take a look at my goals and how to reach them. :P

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