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Another ballet life lesson


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Last night, the apprentices and trainees of our professional company had a performance. It was a wonderful evening of classical and modern ballet. It also provided another glimpse of the ballet world for me.


One of the male apprentices works in the office when dd is taking classes. We have had the pleasure to get to know him this year. He’s not afraid to visit with the moms…and we like that. He has shared his company audition stories and like many others is in a holding pattern to see where he will be accepted. Also, a few months ago, he fractured his foot during a performance practice. He handled the fracture like a trooper.


At last night’s performance, his mother and girlfriend were seated in the row in front of me. When this young man came on stage, his mom’s face beamed and as she watched him dance, the tears flowed down her face. Each dance he did, the tears continued. This dancer danced his heart out and his mother cried her heart out. You could tell that he not only loves ballet but he enjoys it. You could also see the joy and pride of his mom.


I don’t think this is a martyred ballet mom. This is a mom who has supported her ds the best she could and he’s at the crossroads. She’s driven the extra miles, scheduled the extra Pilates, waited for SI letters and company letters, and many other things I’m sure. She’s done all she can in a tangible way and now emotional support (and maybe a little financial support) is all she can do.


I’m on the beginning leg of this ballet journey with a young dancer. I hope that when my daughter is at her crossroads (whenever it is), I can look back and know that I have supported, not pushed my daughter….and that I too will joyfully watch my daughter dance or do whatever endeavor she loves.


As I drove dd and df (dancing friend) home, the girls were excitedly talking about all the dancers and the performance. I kept thinking about my latest ballet life lesson…I don’t think I’ll ever forget watching this mom watch her son.

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Babs, that was lovely :clapping: I might share with you all that there are many times that the teachers of these children feel the same way. :)

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Babsaroo, thank you...quite touching. I am truly amazed (though sometimes a bit confused) by all of you dedicated dance parents. I didn't have a dance parent so I confess to being somewhat mystified by you all :)

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Thanks Babs, for that wonderful story.


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Guest FRA0408


Another much appreciated Thank You to Babs for that lovely story. My own DDs End of Year Performance is approaching - I teared up just reading that story - I imagine there are lots of parents out there who feel the same about their DK. Thank you for reminding us to enjoy our DKs no matter what their level, ability, etc. They are are special!!

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I recall several years ago, the first year that my DD was in the Nutcraker, I was in the audience watching the Snow scene and the young woman dancing the lead was just mesmerizing--there was such a magic to her dancing; she was so poised and you could just see that she was enjoying every minute of the performance. As I watched her, for some reason, I thought of her mother (whom I'd never met--I didn't even know the girl as my daughter had just started ballet). I tried to imagine how it must feel to watch your child dance like that. Before I knew it, tears were streaming down MY face. (I cry easily!) The next night, I had signed up to work the boutique during intermission. There were several other Moms working and as I chatted with one of them, I asked about her DK. When she answered, I realized that she was the one, the mother of this dancer. I told her of my reaction the night before and she was very modest, and I'm not sure she even believed me. But, I remember thinking at the time, maybe someday I'll get to see my daughter dance like that. Over the years, I've seen that young woman perform many more times and she almost always brings tears to my eyes.

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