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Not so good feet

Guest Cballet4me

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Guest Cballet4me

This is my first post so I hope I am doing it right! :blushing: My feet aren't very good and I was wondering if there was a fast way to get better arches without having to buy one of those machine things that they sometimes have in catolougs :unsure: (I don't think I spelled that right) I have a thera band so if there are any exercises that you would recommend, well please...recommend them. :huh::D Thanks so much!

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I hope I don't get in trouble for responding before a moderator!


Cballet4me there is no "Fast" way to get good feet. Believe me I wish there was. I also do not have very good feet my arch is semi high but the flexibility on the top of my foot is minimal so I have been working on making my feet better constantly. The best way to improve your feet is strengthening and stretching. In terms of making them stronger either very hard or very soft pointe shoes will help you with that and you can also work with a theraband(flex pointe, and going through demi pointe to full pointe with resistance of theraband). They are very helpful. Releves are also a good idea. In terms of stretching I wouldn't get one of those machines because it can damage your foot and you could get tendonitus which would just make it 10x worse. I know Ms. Leigh and Mr. Johnson probably won't agree with this but it helped me alot is if you have a small space between the floor and your couch or a piece of furniture wear your pointe shoes and put some of the box underneath the couch and you should feel the stretch on the top of your foot. Tendus and degages where you work through your foot through the demi pointe will be helpful especially in pointe shoes because it is harder to articulate. Have your friends stretch your feet as well. All of these have definately helped my feet. :D happy foot stretching!


p.s. sorry that was so long!

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Not bad, bq, - the full list of things that improve feet includes relevés, elevés, tendus, battements degagé, frappés, good positions sur le cou de pied, pas de cheval, battements fouettés, in fact, anything that makes the foot point. And I would like to correct one impression. Inanimate objects are not the greatest stretch assists in the world UNLESS you know positively that 3½ inches (let's say) is the exact right height to give your feet the right amount of stretch. For one thing, if you say "ow", the sofa won't back off!

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AND, if you have your friends stretch your feet please be sure that they know how to do it right! One hand should be on top of the foot, on the instep, and the other hand under the achilles tendon. Use pressure for a few seconds and then release it, don't hold it for a long period of time. Do several repetitions instead. I really prefer the work with the theraband, as well as of course all of the ballet exercises mentioned above by Mr. Johnson! :D

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Guest five feet seven

When I was at WSB Mrs. Leigh showed my level the stretch she described, and i think it worked for me. :wink:


good luck with you feet!!!

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