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Chest Size Hindering Advancement


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My teacher doesn't seem to want to help me much, maybe its because she thinks I am really bad.. :D I am new to the group (have been there about 3 terms) but I do pay for the lessons like everyone else and I would like to be treated the same. I am not the perfect skinny figure, I don't have great turnout and I cant do some of the things the other girls can do but if she taught me I am sure I would catch up!

I had this problem with my old school as the teacher used to take the mickey out of my chest size and I was hoping this school would be different... does anyone else get this?


Just another quick question, I dont know if anyone is in the same position as me, but is there any kind of leotard that is supportive for my bust size (34E, its horrible!)?


Sorry about the rant, I needed to get it off my chest!

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JennyKaye, I believe you are in the age group that could have an adult to adult conversation with your teacher regarding your expectations in class. You could explain to your teacher your thoughts that you pay for class, therefore desire, expect, deserve, equal attention for your attendance in class. If you do not find that the teacher is able to satisfy your needs, then I suggest you move onto another school and teacher. If you are unable to have this conversation to your satisfaction, perhaps the person responsible for paying the bills could have it. I know when I pay for a service and I am dissatisfied, the provider is made aware of my discontent.


The other option is that you may need to learn how to work by listening to the corrections of others and applying them. I have been very impressed when a student is able to make progress by applying the corrections of others.


All the best.

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Well, I think I'll take this one. Pardon me for intruding into delicate matters. With a 34E bust, your only hope for correction is breast reduction surgery. I've seen smaller sizes flatten out somewhat, but I'm not at all hopeful about that size reducing short of invasive procedures. Carrying that much weight in the upper quadrants of the torso can't help with technique, and besides, they get in the way. I won't make any snide comments, as you've had the mickey taken out of your physique for long enough. (note to non-Britons - take the mickey out of = be teased about) Body jokes are good for a Bennie Hill show, but not ballet. They hurt.

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Knock, knock--store manager here. Mirella and BodyWrappers both have cute leotards new this season that look outwardly like camisoles but are designed for those with a little more. The Mirella one has an actual underwire bra in it and is one of our best sellers. As well, the Bodywrappers Premiere Line has some tanks with wide straps that allow for whatever kind of bra you might need.


I'll look up the numbers for you from work and post later.



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Thank you, vj! That is really helpful information.

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Thank you for all your suggestions, I have thought about surgery and am not sure about it... I dont really know if I want to be put through that but these bodywrappers sound like the thing I need! If anyone has any info on where I can get them from (i'm in the UK) I would be grateful!

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Knock, knock again to post findings--


The leotard I referred to earlier is Mirella 223L. It is a wide strap camisole style with square front and back and has an underwire bra in it. It has been a big seller for us.


Others we carry and steer people toward who may be a little heavier in the chest are:

--Mirella 406-a ribbed crisscross cami with 2 inch straps.

--Mirella 233L--a cami in the traditional style but made of lycra/spandex to help "cinch in".

--Bodywrappers Premiere Collection--cute black polkadot with pink trim and wide 1/2 in. straps. A tank style.

--Motionwear 2211-497 a wide strap cami with low back. Couldn't wear a bra with this one unless it was a low back bra but if you have one of those, the wide straps would allow for it.


As I said earlier, these are the ones we steer our teen dancers to who have the same issues as you however, these still allow them to have "trendy" leotards.


Good luck!


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Thanks for the help, I had a look at them and they seem like the thing that I need. Do you know where I can buy them in the UK?

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Since you live in Hants., Jen, this could get a bit dicey. Do you ever go up to London? When you're there, you could try the Gamba shop in Covent Garden; they have lots and lots of things besides their own line of products. Things like this are best purchased by taking an actual look at them before buying.

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Thanks, I am planning on going to London with my friend on a dance shopping spree.... so I will look in Gamba, Freed, Bloch etc to see if they have it, as they are probably the best places to look!

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Guest beckster

knock knock - yet another person who shouldn't post here!


Your best bet in London would probably be the shops that don't just sell their own stuff (although it can't hurt to check them out anyway - as an adult I really like bloch leotards!). The shops I would try are the Porselli shop just off Cambridge circus, and Dancia which is just round the corner from Bloch, I think it's Endell Street or Drury Lane. Both sell lots of different brands like Capezio - you could even try phoning them first, to see what they have in stock. Yell.co.uk will have the phone numbers. Good luck and have fun in London.

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You can always just order leotards from dance catalogs that you think would work, and then return or exchange them if they don't. I'm in a constant balttle with leotards...finding ones I like that look right and have support...it's very frustrating. I actually just bought the bodywrappers wide-strap polka dot one that momfo3darlings mentioned- it has an elastic strap under the shelf liner that goes all the way around and so offers more support. I really like it, and am looking into other bodywrappers with the same lining. A problem no one has mentioned about mirella...the "shelf lining" is always too short and so creates that horrible line across your chest! I gave up on mirella becuase of this...people with smaller chests of course have no problem, but i do and i hate it!


Anyway, I dont know if you gt dance catalogs in the UK, but Discount Dance Supply, Dance Distributors, and AllAboutDance are really good. Check their websites too because you can always order online. I usually pick two or three that sound the best, order them, try them on, and return the ones that dont work for me. Good luck and let me know if you find any must-haves! :)

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Guest DancerJules

Hey there,


Did you know you can order Mirella stuff online? Also bloch has some great camisole leotards that sound similar to the Mirella stuff. I was in Bloch last week and they had loads of brilliant colours and styles... worth a try.


Good Luck!

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