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:huh: hi there,

one of my teachers once toldme that my feet were sickling and i tried my best to fix it up..but i really cant tell if its sickling or just not turned out properly??and the add to my confusion someone has said it may even be winging..

could anyone give me some help with this??


firstly how can i tell if it is sickling or winging

and how can i prevent this??


thanks! :D

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Sickling is when the foot curves inward, creating a "sickle" effect, sort of like a half moon. Winging is the opposite, in that the toes push outward. In both cases the foot is not pointed in a straight line. Not using your rotation correctly very often causes the foot to sickle, as does over-pointing it, or even placing the leg too far to the side for your rotational ability. However, this MUST be corrected by a teacher, and you need to be SHOWN both the correct and the incorrect way of working it and what you are doing incorrectly. This is not something for someone who can't see you to correct, nor is it up to your friends. That is the teacher's job!


And I must add that this is not something that can be corrected ONCE! An incorrectly worked foot must be CONSTANTLY corrected by the teacher if it is to get fixed, but first the student must understand HOW to correct it.

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i have a wing that is so slight my teacher didn't notice it until I went on pointe! It really messed up my ankle, going on pointe with a wing, it actually caused my ankle to get weaker and then it started to hurt. I fixed it and my ankle is slowly getting strong again. which stinks because in my tap class were doing one footed pull backs in a lot of different moves and I really need strong ankles for that..but I digress...anywho, fix it or you'll be in a world of hurt! :grinning:

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Annietart, if you could please try to refrain from using incorrect grammar and poor punctuation, your posts could be more easily understood. Also, some of the expressions used by teens today may be rather harsh to the ears of some of us older folk! :grinning: Please reread your post, see which words have been edited out, so you will know what I mean! Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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:P Oh, I'm so sorry! Usually I do go back through my post and edit my mistakes, but I didn't on that post. It won't happen again!
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