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Gamba split-sole canvas shoes


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Does anybody know of a store or online company to order these from? I am at my wits end trying to find them for dd. They are the only thing she can wear that we know of. She has very short toes, and her foot is square, (like fred flinstone), and 4 of the 5 toes are the exact same length.



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Hi ballet-taxi,


I called our local dance supply store, and this is what I found out:


Gamba is made by a company called Repetto in France. She looked in the Repetto catalog, and from what she could tell, Gamba's split sole is leather. She said Sansha split sole canvas wides are very broad. Maybe this would work?


If you want more information, their name and number is:


Village Dance Shoppe



Good luck!

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ballet-taxi, I can't help you with the Gambas. Kait wears the Sanshas, and has a very similar foot to your dd's. Has she tried Sanshas?

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Capezio came out with a revised version of their Juliettes and Juliette 2's...and they are now made much broader than before. There is one in canvas and one in leather. The leather is an odd color, but it is a great shoe, however, until now, more so for a very narrow foot. Their mediums were narrow, and the wides fit like a medium. The new and improved version doesn't fit my DD as well. The vamp area is also just slightly higher than in the original design.


Perhaps these could work for you?

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