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ballet amnesia!


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I just had a baby and am now returning to ballet after a 3 month absence. How depressing! In 3 months it seems as if I have managed to lose ALL my technique. There's no balance, I can't make my legs do the right steps and most of all, I have absolutely no coordination.


I can't seem to do anything correctly, and I am REALLY getting depressed over it. I feel like an absolute beginner! Has anyone had this experience?


We were doing very simple things last night and I could hardly do them. For example: Four pas de chats, cabriole to the back leg, then brise to the front. Should have been a no-brainer. Pas de chats are OK, but cabriole looks like my feet died (even if I'm pointing them), and brise felt like my legs were having a seizure...LOL!


Has anyone had this experience? How do you get out of this rut??? I used to think that I had decent technique, and I was stronger than many other dancers, so I wasn't at the bottom of the food chain. Now it feels like I can't even FIND the food chain!


HELP!!! Where can I start to fix this?

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It takes time to get it back together, Duckie :) It will all come back. I think if I had been out that long I would not even attemp jumping for a couple of weeks at least! Usually it will take about as long to get back as you were out. Don't be depressed...you were out for a GREAT reason! :D And it WILL all come back. Just hang in there and have a bit of patience, and don't try to do too much too soon.

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Guest abcfordance

Cabrioles and Brise' are not exactly beginner and simple jumps - give yourself a break :)


There are several physiological changes going on in your body right now which are going to make the first few weeks back in class more challenging than normal.


1. The levels of Relaxin and other hormones in your body have just changed dramatically. This directly affects your ligaments, especially in your pelvis (which directly will relate to your knees and ankles). The first thing you need to do here is find your stability in the hip, knee and ankle joint. This will probably change every day for a little while. You can't effectively move an extremity while fighting to keep it stabile. Your body's first priority is to stay stabile at any cost, movement is a bonus.


2. Your weight has fluctuated which means it's time to find your centre again. Every change of about 7 pounds will change your centre of gravity and therefore your balance.


3. Your abdominal muscles are re-adjusting and again this will affect your stability and therefore your mobility.


If you have access to a floor barre or slower paced class you may want to make that your first class of the week to try to "set the tone" for your body and then increase in difficulty during the week. While the reason for stopping class attendance was not an injury, you may still want to think about easing yourself back into classes at a more gradual pace. Part of the challenge right now is to re-train your neuromuscular system to work optimally for the "new you".

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Thanks so much for the explanation. I was just panicking, I guess. Your explanations make sense, so in the meantime I will just stick w/ it and try not to look in the mirror too much.


Last week there was a considerable improvement, and although there are some rough areas, I was starting to feel a little bit better. I even balanced in attitude for a long time (6 counts is a long time for me!).


Petit allegro is still a bit of a disaster, but then again, it has always been difficult for me to do those jumps w/ beats quickly anyway.


I'm feeling a little bit better about myself with each class.




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Guest MelissaSuzanne

Well duckie, I can't relate to the combination you were doing (I've yet to learn those steps except the pas de chat), but I definitely can relate to coming back after having a baby! I was off on bedrest two months before having my baby, then three weeks after. I'm about six weeks postpartum now, and my legs have finally stopped feeling like jelly after each class! One thing I'm trying this week is that I'm taking a lower level class than I normally do for the first day. I'm hoping the slower pace will help me start doing the technique well again. Let me know if you have any good tips on balancing - I still have 16 lbs of baby weight, and I just can't seem to balance for anything! (though it's somewhat easier than when I was six months pregnant :thumbsup: ) My teacher is convinced my new daughter will be a fabulous dancer since she's been in class since before she was born!


I'm sure since your post was a couple of weeks ago that it's starting to feel much better. Have fun dancing and congratulations on your little one!


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Thanks to everyone who responded. Things are starting to get a bit better and the biggest problem right now is finding my center. Pirouettes are not as easy as they once were, but I did a clean double on one side last Wednesday and things are starting to look better.


At least I don't feel like I have 2 left feet anymore...



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