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Help! Studio scheduling dilemma


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The fall class schedule has just been posted at my DD’s studio and due to teacher commitments there is no technique class at my DD’s level before the Friday pointe class. Her three options are (1) Take a technique class two levels below her level followed directly by the pointe class, (2) take a technique class one level below her level but have a 90 minute break between the technique and pointe class, or (3) just take the pointe class.


DD has just turned 14 and has been on pointe about 2.5 years. This pointe class will be 1.5 hours, because some girls may not be taking a technique class before the pointe class. My DD thinks she should take the class immediately before the pointe class even though it is much lower than her current level. Also, there is no place at the studio to stretch and stay flexible during the 90-minute wait.


Thank you in advance for your help!

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I'm sure that the moderators will give advice, but I'll say that Kait routinely took classes much lower than her own level. She welcomed the chance to really slow down and concentrate on small things.

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Although I'm only a student, I would have to agree with K8smom: it is beneficial to sometimes take class at a lower level and have the chance to pay attention to little details as that is easier with a somewhat slower-paced class.

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These are the kinds of questions where I love hearing the teachers' replies. It's so great that we can get their professional advice.

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Sometimes we have a class for a certain level which is called a "pointe class", however, they have a full barre first, and then do pointe barre and some center, how much depending on level. This does not happen on the upper levels, where they always have a full tech. class before pointe, however it does happen on the Level 4, which has less hours of classes per week. If the class is like that, it's okay. If not, like if there is no full barre work, then she must take the class before, and it should actually be required by her teacher.

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Ms Leigh, This pointe class, first has a pointe barre and then pointe center work. The whole class is on pointe (there is NOT a technique barre before the pointe barre). Is it appropriate to take this class alone or should she take the lower level technique class before this pointe class?

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Hard to answer still, driver, as it would depend on whether the "pointe barre" is a complete warm up, or just a pointe warm up. I only teach pointe following technique, so the barre work in the pointe classes I teach is minimal and geared specifically for pointe work and not for a total warm up.

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Ms. Leigh, I will try and determine how complete the pointe barre is in providing a total warm up - but to be on the safe side I'll have DD take the preceding technique class. Thanks again.

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