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Foot Pain

Guest Dancingirl12

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Guest Dancingirl12

Hi! I've been dancing for about 12 years and i've never had foot pain like this. I danced in my mom's piano recital about 2 and a-half weeks ago. My foot started swelling and really hurting after. I thought i might have sprained my ankle. So i went to the doctor and had x-rays to make sure it wasn't broken and it wasn't. Well I've had pain pretty much since then, it this just a really bad sprain taking this long to heal? :D or is it something more? :shrug: Has anyone else had pain like this????? :)

P.S i've had ballet class twice last week and wasn't able to dance on pointe, so it's pretty bad!!!!!

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Guest kitrisomeday

so, during this piano recital, it wasnt immediate pain, right?

it started gradually hurting and swelling after the recital?

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Guest Dancingirl12
next question:


where exactly in the foot is it swelling? ankle area? metatarsels?


whole foot?

From the ankle down is swollen.

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When there is an injury that is not terribly serious, but there is swelling, then you DO NOT take class. You RICE it, and also take some anti-inflammatory medication (Advil, Aleve, Motrin). Rest it, no classes. Ice it repeatedly, many times a day, to get the swelling down. Compress it, like with an elastic ankle thing. And elevate it whenever possible and as often as possible. The reason it still hurts is because you did not stop taking classes. IF, after a few days of this, there is still pain, see the DOC again!

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