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Guest Cballet4me

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Guest Cballet4me

I don't have very good turn out. What are some ways I can improve it? Also, I find it very hard to turn-out when doing a move to the back.It doesn't hurt or anything but I was still wondering could this be because I'm not doing it right? :) Thanks!

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Cballet, I know you are new, but I think if you just try a little bit of searching you will come up with more information on turn out and rotation than you could imagine! Improving rotation is a problem for almost everyone, but it really begins in class with learning how to place yourself correctly and how to use the rotation you have. Then you learn stretches to improve it, along with ALL of the barre exercises, which are totally designed to help you improve your rotation. The most important exercise, if you had to specify one, would be rond de jambe à terre, as that is TOTALLY about rotation. But keep in mind that nothing works without the A, B, C's....which are Alignment, Balance point, Control Zone! You must be aligned, and know where to place your weight, and then where to place the legs, arms, and head for your control zone. If these things are established, then you work one hip against the other and rotate both legs from the hips, with the help of a lot of other muscles including those in the gluteus maximus!

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