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Can they eventually be like that?


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If I stretch my feet for a certain amount of time, they look gorgeous (if I do say myself :) ). But, after about 5 minutes, they go back to being just okay. There is no doubt that I have seen improvement in my feet over the past year, but is it possible that my feet can eventually be as beautiful as they are immediately after stretching one day? How can I do this?

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I don't think there is any "miracle" foot archer, because if there were I would have used it a long time ago! However, you said that you've seen improvement over the past year, so I think if you continue to stretch them and work them on a daily basis (theraband exercises, lots of releves, flex-points, etc.), your muscles will become strong enough and stretched enough to maintain that "freshly-stretched" arch. It'll take time, but good luck! :)


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If you can get them there, then eventually you should be able to keep them there. That is the good news :P The bad news is that it will not be instant, and will take a long time of really working them as much as you can without overstretching them to the point of injury. Figure out what you are doing when you stretch them that makes them look so much better. What muscles are you using? Then try to do that standing up, one tendu at a time. Do not expect instant success. It could take months, or even years. Patience!

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Feet do improve ... a lot. I used to really roll out with my feet, had an arch but absolutely no instep, but while I sadly cannot exactly replicate for example ... Paloma Herrera's feet, I have actually pretty good feet, which are flexible enough to curve well and look good but still strong enough that if I trip and sprain an ankle, it will be fine in a few days. It just takes a lot of work ... After a while, your feet stay good. It's almost like you work for years, but overnight your feet improve.

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