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I've been following the Schedule Dilema thread in the Mom's and Dad's forum, thus this new thread.


I am taking three of my technique classes on pointe (with the blessing of my teacher, also I am up to 5-7 classes a week now that school is over) and I have two questions.


Should I be taking the barre in flats, then switch to pointes for the center? (I usually get to the studio at least 1/2 hour before class and do a thorough warm up, basically a barre up to rhond de jambes).


Second, would it help at all to take a regular class from 10:30-12, if my "pointe class" is at 6?


I know several other people are doing the technique class en pointe to increase hours, how do you all deal with this?

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Dido, at the advanced level it's really a matter of teacher and student choice whether you wear pointe shoes all the time or sometimes for technique classes. Some schools (primarily Balanchine oriented programs) require pointe shoes for all classes in the upper levels. Some of us prefer primarily regular technique classes in soft shoes, followed by a pointe class. Some of my upper levels students take technique in pointe shoes once in a while, but not every day. I have no problem with that, but only allow it on the advanced level.


As to the morning class and a later class, no problem with that either, as long as the evening class has a full barre.

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I think it's a matter of experimentation and personal preference. There aren't a whole lot of good pointe classes for adults in the open class system. I really regret this because I feel like I'm missing out on some important strengthening and technique. In technique class, we don't focus on bourees, hops en pointe, etc... I remember practicing those specific pointe things as a young student.


Back to your question though, what works for me is to take the entire barre in flat shoes and switch to pointe for the center. When I first started wearing shoes again, I took barre en pointe to build strength, but now I really prefer not to. I see a few people who take barre en pointe, but most take barre on flat and pointe in the center.


We usually stretch before grands battements and the pointe people sometimes take that time to put on the shoes, then do grands battements, adagio, and releves with the shoes, to get the feel for them before center. I did this for a while too, but then regretted losing the stretch time. I'm a bit creaky and really need to hold a couple of splits before adagio and grands battements. Now I just wait until the entire barre is over, then switch to pointe shoes.


The only time I take center in flat shoes is if I've been out for a week due to vacation or something, or if I'm otherwise injured. I've gotten used to dancing in pointe shoes and it feels really strange to not wear them.

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Oh, Ms Leigh, you have no idea of the feeling I got when I read "advanced" :lol: . Sort of a cross between "uh-oh" and the giggles.


My achilles has been bugging me lately, no real pain, but a little achey (my real reason for the question). I have been trying to increase my strength, but think perhaps it would be good to do the barre on flat, and hang around for a half hour to to releves and bourees at the end of class.


Thanks for the shared experience.

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My achilles was achy too when I started dancing a lot more en pointe. Seems to have passed now that the adjustment period is over and never became a major problem. I would ice after class and get the ribbons with elastic sewn in. Those things seem to help a lot.


I think it's a smart idea to take barre in flat shoes.

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