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Finger Turn Help!!!!!

Guest devion101

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Guest devion101


I'm doing finger turns for a pas de deux/solo that I choreographed myself :rolleyes: , but I need some help with them. Usually I can do double finger turns just great, but recently I have had trouble getting all the way around even during singles without having my weight go backwards and nearly taking his finger off! I'm getting better about pushing off with one hand and loosening my grip on the other, but it's still hard, urgh. Could you give me some tips?? Thanks! Also, this one is a longshot optional question, but what are some easy pickup steps into a fish dive? The guy I'm partnering hasn't done it before, but learns fast, so I just need some suggestions. It's a jazzy, contemporary ballet piece with a lot of classical ballet mixed in with jazz and swing dance. Thanks again everyone!



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Dev, I'll let Mel deal with the fish dive, but for the finger turn it's very important that you are centered on your own, and don't push yourself back when you push off his hand. Also, be sure to push upward with the hand holding his finger. He should push downward and you push upward.

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