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Classes in Portland, OR?

Guest Hilarie

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Guest Hilarie

I just found out that I got an internship in Portland this summer, and I'll be there mid-June to the end of August! And of course, the first detail that needs to be put in order is where I can take ballet classes :rolleyes: Can anyone recommend some good places to take classes there?

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You can also take classes at Center for Movement arts, in SE; Bodyvox, (SW) a company that has performed in NY has Thursday & Sunday classes. For the size city that Portland is, we have LOTS of adult classes and cheap too!


Hope to run into to you at a class, would love to share some tips on the city. We have some great wine bars, resturants.



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Guest Hilarie

Wow, you really do have lots of adult classes. :shrug: I'm going to be living somewhere in Beaverton, not sure where yet, and I'll probably be at the mercy of public transportation as I'm too young to rent a car. In any case, these places look like a good range of choices to check out once I get my bearings in Portland and figure out where I can get to easily. Thanks! :D


(And if you have any good tips for a Portland newbie, let me know. I've never lived in another city and I have a feeling I'll need all the help I can get. :P )

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More studios to consider:


Portland Community Ballet in Beaverton has some great classes. Their website is http://www.pdxballet.org which lists the schedule.


Renoux Dance Studio (close-in SE Portland) is another great option for adults (I don't think they have a website).


Just think of all the fun you can have trying all the studios around town! :D



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Guest Hilarie

Me again! I'm in Portland and I'm having a lot of fun. :yes: Turns out that I'm only a few MAX stops away from Portland Community Ballet so I'm going to try them out when their summer session starts next week. I'm going to stick with the beginner classes for now since I've had nothing but three weeks of Pilates and some NYCB Workout in the past two months :wink: but I'm just happy I'm going to be dancing again.


Anyway, maybe I'll see some of you there. :wink:

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