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Parenting talented kids

Guest Chedva

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Guest Chedva

There's a great article in the Boston Globe today about dealing with gifted, passionate children. They use this show as examples of what not to do.


With the popularity of the seven-part Bravo reality-TV series, "Showbiz Moms & Dads," parents in living rooms around the country may be wondering if they, too, have a budding star on their hands. Here are two words of advice from early-childhood educator Nancy Carlsson-Paige of Somerville, who also happens to be the mother of movie star Matt Damon:


"Back off."


She doesn't mean that in a laissez-faire kind of way. Not, back off and do nothing, but back off from anything that smacks of the adult world overtaking your child's natural ability and talent, not to mention a normal childhood.


Here's the link to the rest:


Remember, your little stage star needs a good parent, not an agent.

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Chedva, that IS a fabulous article. In fact, I think I'm going to split this off into a new thread so that more people find and read it.

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Guest unsoccer-mom

This one hit home a little. I never felt like we pushed our daughter into ballet. It was a passion from a very young age and we supported her in what she wanted. However, when she quit at the age of 16, not exactly a little girl, she commented that she stopped liking it long before she told us. She didn't tell us because she was afraid we wouldn't love the non-dancer. So it seems all that support was a double-edged sword. Still now, I am not sure what the right balance is.

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Good for you Memo! I bet there are more than a few parents here who would really hesitate to do that. While I was reading the article I kept thinking that I'd love to send it off anonymously to several folks I know. :o:lol:

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