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With all the reponses to bags of leotards on the Moms and Dads board I thought I would post our experience with the Capezio Dance Factory Outlet (http://www.dancefactoryoutlet.com/). With summer programs coming up I am starting to stock up on dancewear. Dance belts seem to disappear like socks in our house. Somehow it seems we start out with lots but by the end of the school year there just aren't enough for weeks spent away and infrequent laundries.


My boys both like the Capezio quilted dance belts now that they are older. I found them on the dance factory outlet site for $6 a piece - shipping added about .75 to each - still a GREAT price. I got my order very quickly and they all look fine. Not quite leotards but a great find. Now if only I could find batches of M.Stevens tights in a bag!

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ajg - that's a great price. DS does not like quilted; however, I will check out the site for the plain belt. We usually go to Montreal for the day to shop for dancewear - there is a great store which supplies the Cirque de Soleil dancers, so they STOCK mens' dancewear!!! Plus we get to enjoy a great lunch on artsy St. Denis Street..

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OMG, $6 dance belts! You mean I can order a couple, and throw away those ones that are practically 2 threads? Thank you, thank you, thank you!




Not to do what you love is neither good sense nor common sense.


Daniel Nagrin

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I go to the Capezio outlet in NJ and grab several when I'm there. You cant beat the price.


I like their dancebelts, my only concern is they apparently are putting more and more Polyester in the "belt" waistband. Poly gives me a rash after an hour or two of sweating, and the belt never seems to get soft over time.





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Great resource! Just placed an order myself! Two sons who dance, how fortunate!

Mine has no interest what so ever! :thumbsup:

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Guest Until The End Of Time

I just realized they say irregular, that some type of company defect or something? Could someone clear this up for me? please thanks.

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Good question Until The End of Time. I did a quick look through them when they arrived and could not see any noticible flaws. Two have been opened and have been through the wash a bunch of times - no problems.


And yes, I am surprised and happy to have two young male dancers in our family.

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Usually "irregular" means that the label is sewn on the wrong way, or a seam is crooked, or that two rows of stitching that should be parallel aren't, things like that. They should still be serviceable for the purpose for which they are designed, and not merely suitable to wear as a hat.

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Until The End Of Time


Irregular is a term that indicates that the quality inspector of the garment didn't find it to meet first quality manufactures standards. These are usually very small blemish marks or errors in stiching or mis-weaves in the fabric. Sometimes they are just manufactures over runs. More commonly know as factory seconds, TJMaxx sells a lot of this type of stuff! They are usually perfectly functional!


Unless you are in the habit of walking around without your tights no one will see the flaws!


You are somewhere in WNY, so am I.

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Guest Until The End Of Time

Oh, I never noticed that. I should order a few pairs. I am getting my friend to do Ballet. I am asking him to try the summer classes to see if he likes it then if he does well I'll have him sign up for the adult classes at the Buffalo ballet school.

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