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Guest ballet princess


I just recieved my yearly evaluation sheet in the mail today. I did pretty well overall and got Excellent for most of the things (like feet, grand allegro, turnout). My teacher thinks that what I mainly need to work on is my upperback, arms, and that I need to release my tension which is affecting my pirouettes. She says that my weight seems to be back sometimes and that the tension seems to be in my shoulders, neck, and jaw area. Do you have any advice on how I can improve on these things?

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You are very fortunate, ballet princess, as the things you need to work on are the things that can be done without a large space like a studio! Port de bras and épaulement can be easily worked on at home, with just a mirror. I also suggest music :lol: You can also practice your weight placement at home, and relevé to your pirouette position learning to find your center and really feel the balance point of the position.


When working on your port de bras, also think about freedom, fluidity, flow, or whatever words work for you to release the tension and allow the movement to really flow. Music you like helps, and when you are alone you should be much more relaxed.

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Think of something that inspires you. Someone you love, music, an amazing story, anything. Try to express that in your dancing.

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