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My feet!


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My feet are kind of strange. My arch is decent, but my instep is almost non-existing. Besides they are a bit weak I think. When on releve, I can keep myself as high on demipointe as I can, but if I balance on one foot, I'm not able to remain high on demipointe. Also when I stretch my feet under a sofa for example, I get a decent point, but when pointing in tendus and such, the point is not that good. Is this just a matter of strength, i.e., will my point get better if I strengthen it? Are there any good exercises besides the usual releves, tendus and such?



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Niphredil, continued work and stretching will improve them, certainly, but how dramatically depends on a lot of things. You can't really create a great instep, however you can improve the flexibility and the USAGE of your feet to the place where they look a lot better! I would avoid the sofa stretch, if I were you. This can be dangerous. Stay with the theraband stretches, and of course lots of tendus, dégagés, elevés, relevés, frappés, and pas de chevals! :D

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Thank you, Ms. Leigh! Well, I have accepted that my instep won't get any better, but I will definately keep on strenghtening and stretching my feet. I know they can get a lot stronger, and more flexible also! :D Thanks again!

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