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Guest ballethoney

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Guest ballethoney

At my studio about half the girls wear canvas technique shoes, and the other half wear leather. Is there any benefit to one or the other? I used to wear leather when I was about 8, now I wear canvas. I have noticed the leather shoes seem to last longer than the canvas ones. There also seem to be fewer holes in the toe area in the leather shoes. If anyone has any information about this, I would love to know! :D

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Guest lttl_dancin_meggie

I personally prefer canvas (in split-sole). While they might not last a long time, they are cheaper! But then again you could pay more for leather and they last longer so it really is personal prefrance! Hope that helps!! :D

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Guest fouette8O9

Yah, leather shoes last longer but are more expensive but i like canvas shoes cause they are cheap, comfortable, and make my arch look better!!!

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I've always worn leather, and a few times I wore canvas when I borrowed them from a friend. They feel SO nice, and they make my arches look amazing. They are also a lot less expensive. However, my teacher always says she prefers leather because they make you work your feet more. I guess it's a matter of preference.


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Guest *my toes skim the stage*

One of my friends took a class at SAB once, and the teacher told her to wear a leather shoe with a canvas arch because in a canvas shoe your arch itself looks better but it doesn't look like you're pointing your toes all the way so with leather you get the best of both worlds. I wear canvas though just because they're so comfy and they make my ankles look better.

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Actually, canvas shoes offer a false economy, if that one issue is considered alone. Leather shoes will last at least two, maybe three times as long. So, in the long run, the leather shoes are cheaper. The types with the leather toe and heel and canvas or elastic cheekpieces are really probably the best.

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Guest ballethoney

Thanks everyone for all of your suggestions! I think I might try those leather shoes with the canvas arch after this summer.


Mr. Johnson, your idea that the leather shoes are cheaper makes tons of sense! (I'll tell my mom, she'll be thrilled) :green:

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Every one in my class wears canvas. I think they feel alot better and they make my feet look alot better plus if they get dirty you can wash away the scuff marks!

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Guest imadancer

at my studio people wear both- i tend to normally wear canvas because they are more comfy

alot of people wear canvas though and what Mr.Johnson said makes alot of sense -

thanks guys :)

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Guest Cballet4me

I like canvas shoes because personally, I think they are easier and they don't make sqeaky noises when I dance.(But that may only be because of the kind of studio floor I have.) I also like the ones with a canvas middle and the heel and toe being leather. :) But, the choice is really yours. Which ever one you like better.

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It really probably is a preference thing, but here is the summary of what people usually say (sorry if I forgot something):



1. make foot look better

2. enhance appearance of arch and ankle

3. washable

4. easier to point foot in

5. wear out faster



1. make your foot work harder because they "conceal" your pointing a little

2. last longer

3. more expensive initially

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I personally prefer canvas shoes because I don't have that much of an arch, and with canvas shoes, they showed off what arch I DO have. Leather shoes last longer though. xoxo!!

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