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Hi there! I'm very pleased to announce that PAMom has agreed to help out as a moderator on this forum -- she's already been helping, but this gives her access to some of the software tools so she can move and delete things if a Nasty Person invades, or something untoward happens. Thank you, PAMom!

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Welcome, welcome, PAMom, to the world of moderation! (Not to suggest that there is anything immoderate in your life, except a love of ballet, which we encourage!) :)

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Excellent! I'm glad we have an actual parent of an actual boy moderating here -- I was feeling a bit challenged in this regard. Welcome!

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I'm delighted to have PAMom serve here as a Moderator. She has the perfect combination: experience as mom to a male ballet dancer and diplomacy. Many of us have already benefited from her guidance through the years.




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Guest PAmom

:D:shrug::wink: Shucks folks, thanks for the warm words. Raising a ballet dancer is something a lot of us share. I hope my perspective of having raised a male ballet dancer can be a resource for others. It has been an incredible journey indeed and I enjoy sharing as I learn from all of you too.



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Absolutely you can PAmom. :hyper::D


For those of you who don't know PAmom, you've got the real thing here :wink: and she's also a wonderful person, too. :shrug:

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