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Career: Normal life possible?


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Oh ballet Christina, there are so many threads about this! When I first came upon this site, thanks to vagansmom, I spent a tremendous amount of time looking through many, many pages of old threads... Here are only three threads (topics) and they're only from the Moms and Dads forum:

A Career in Dance


On the verge of a career in dance


Being realistic or quashing drive


If you, or anyone else, wants to post a reply on any of these threads - please do! :wink:

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At this point in time, I have 3 children in activities that require a huge time committment. My oldest rows-going to college and will be on their crew team, second son dances, will be attending a boarding school this fall, 3rd son a gymnast, at the gym about 30 hours per week. Do any of them have a normal life?? I guess if they are following a passion, it is normal for them. I think that we all create our version of normal. If we allow our children to choose their activities with guidance and choices offered, they will usually find their way. It is not our job as parents to pick their lives, just to offer opportunities and watch out for their emotional and physical well-being.

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Here, here, tsavoie! I particularly agree with:


["It's not our job as parents to pick their lives, just to offer opportunities and watch out for their physical and emotional well-being."]


Thank you for that. :wink:

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"Normal life" is in the eye of the beholder. My DD is away at an intensive dancing from 9am to 9pm most days with breaks for lunch and dinner. She couldn't be happier and wants to know why she can't dance like this "all the time," as in year-round. She just wouldn't be happy with it any other way. So for some kids, this is what they want for normal. And if they don't, they need the other activities in their lives. Depends on the child, and again on how much good training and classes they can get at home. It probably has a lot to do with location, location, location.

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Haha, 'normal' and 'dance' do not mix exactly. I am by no means a pro, just dancing at a regular old studio, and I have absolutely NO time! And to think, it's not even Nutcracker season yet :( Oh dear. But, in a sense, I think you can become a professional whilst having a semi-normal life. ie., staying at home, at a high school with normal kids, etc. If you have the self- discipline and talent and teachers, you can defiantly do it!!! :P

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As we said back in 2004, when this thread was active, yes, it is possible....however, possible only if the home school provides both the quality and quantity of training necessary. The talent and self-discipline are assumed, as one will not make it from anywhere, no matter what the training, without those qualities! :(

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