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As a college student, I am wondering what factors infuence a teacher's opinion of a student. Flexibility, extension, quantity of turns, port de bras, jump, natural ability, so on. I know this may not be exactly an answerable question and it may not be much different from college to studio/company or whatever, but I was just curious.

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This may surprise you, but one of the first things that impresses me in a student is how high they come on the Decent Human Being Index. Are they personable and friendly? Are they correct and formal? Both rate very highly with me, although they are different personality types. Are they instead fawning and sycophantic, or cold fish? These personality types rate low. Are they good people is pretty much my first question.

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Constanza, I think just about anyone's opinion of a student is going to be based on everything you mentioned, plus some things you didn't! :green: Naturally they will be drawn to ability, physical facility for ballet, musicality, ability to learn quickly, etc. However, teachers are people too, and I would hope that their opionion of a student would also be based on their opinion of the person, not just the dancer. Students with a positive attitude, who always try their best, listen and learn in class, apply all the corrections, and put in the extra work to make the corrections will be just as appreciated as those with talent, and a lot more appreciated than those with facility but no personality or a negative personality.

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