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Nutmeg anyone?

Guest five feet seven

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Guest five feet seven

I was just wondering if anyone was going to the Nutmeg SI this year. Also, if you have been previous years could you please tell me about the classes (the length, the size, how many, etc). thanks!

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I am 15 and I am going to nutmeg this summer. I will look forward to seeing you, Five feet seven :wink: Oh, how old are you?

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Hi,i have danced at the Nutmeg for 4 years now,i think i can answer your question,you will probably be in my level,so you will dance 6/7 days a week,or was it 5/7... anyway,you do alot on toe,and we have great technique classes,we have lots of fun!ca't wait to meet all of you guys!my friends will all love to meet you too! :D


Nutmegdancer :innocent:


Hi, its Nutmegger again,just wanted you to know some quick things,we are allowed to wear extra things BEFORE technique class,in pointe classes,we are allowed to wear black skirts,and in rehersals,anything that is black and skin tight,if you have leg warmers,black tights,anything like that,we have a dance shop which sells snacks and drinks(snapple,candy bars,bags of crackers,skittles,stuff like that)my friends and i will show you guys all around,i have 4 friends that are staying this year!it will only be the 5 of us to meet you!can't wait to meet you! :D


Nutmegdancer :innocent:

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Nutmegdancer, this particular thread is two years old, so I doubt the posters you were responding to will need this information. :sweating:


However, this post really should go over in the SI forum in the "Nutmeg: Who's Going" thread. That is where dancers going to the Nutmeg SI this year will be found discussing their excitement and preparations.


Please do take a little time to look around these various forums and find where your posts should go.

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then i am sort of confused,i clicked the button that said view today's posts,but thank you for telling me,i would of kept on talking! :)


Nutmegdancer :D

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