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Please help :-(

Guest Danceratheart

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Guest Danceratheart

I don't know if people have asked these questions before, so I'm very sorry if I'm repeating. :shrug:


ANYwayz... I danced for fourteen years, but upon entering college, I was forced to stop because affording college AND dance classes is very difficult. But that's ok, I figured I'd just continue the same exercises that I've been taught! But I still have a problem that I can't solve on my own...


I have tons of trouble balancing with one foot in relevee and keeping it turned out at the same time. I can balance fine flat, my relevees on both feet at the same time are fine (I dance en pointe too), and I have pretty flexible turnout when I'm not balancing on one foot. But when it comes to balancing on one foot in relevee for more than three seconds (for coupees, retirees, arabesque, etc.,) my floor foot constantly slips out of turnout, or my posing leg turns inward. This also intereferes with my pirouettes!


Does anyone have any idea where the problem lies, and what I can do about it?


Thank you so much, dancers! :shrug:

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Hello Danceratheart, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :shrug:


I'm sorry to hear that you were not able to continue training in classes, as it's really pretty impossible to do much with ballet outside of a classroom, at least on a regular basis. I would imagine your balance problems stem primarily from lack of classes and placement corrections. Without seeing you, of course, there is no way for us to really know how to help, other than just to say work on your alignment and weight placement, as well as abdominal strength, in order to find your balance point. Sounds like your center is just off, and that would be due to alignment and placement issues.

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Guest Danceratheart

Actually, now that I'm home, I AM going back to the studio for a good portion of the summer in about a month. I'm trying extra hard to get good and warm before going back...I'm nervous that I may have lost my abilities! :shrug: You're certainly right, Ms. Leigh, it's very difficult to do ballet outside the classroom.


On the up side, it sounds like being back in the classroom will help, even if it is for a little while...right? :o Oh well, having problems and having teachers help is what class is for! :shrug:


Btw I love this site! I wish I had discovered it this past year...it would have definitely helped me feel connected to the dancing world throughout that typical freshmen year! Keep up the great work!

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