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At night I like to sleep on my stomach with one leg in a relaxed retire position. Another position I sleep in is a frog. I don't keep it like that the whole night but will this hurt me in any way? I have heard stories of people who have slept in the frog and woke up in the morning and had to have to go to the hospital because they were stuck! Is this real or myth?

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Guest imadancer

I have to say its never happened to me- but I can imagine that you would be stiff or sore the next morning but I doubt you would have to go to the hospital


anyways- hope this helps :)

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The going to the hospital story sounds a little exaggerated to me, but... :) I like to sleep in the frog position every now and then too. If you are "down" in that position, and it doesn't hurt, it probably won't make you very sore.

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I don't think either position will hurt you, little dancer :) It's unlikely that you would stay in the frog that long, as most of us tend to move around a bit and sort of automatically get out of anything that gets uncomfortable.

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Yep, I sleep in retire too. It's very comfy! :wink: I've never had any problems, so I doubt you will. I have heard of people sleeping in frogs or in the splits, and I don't think you would have to go to the hospital, but I've heard it's VERY uncomfortable getting up in the morning after!


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Just don't sleep while hanging upside down, unless you are part bat.

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Guest novamom

One thing to add about sleeping on your stomach is that you are putting some stress on your neck. :( That may not bother you now, but if you find you're waking up with a headache, or tightness in your neck muscles, try sleeping on your side instead. :(

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knock knock. Thanks for pointing that out novamom. I had wanted to say something too. Sleeping on your stomach is very bad for your neck and spine. My chiropractor recommends sleeping on your back with good support (pillow) for your neck. Side sleeping is OK if you simply can't stand sleeping on your back. But sleeping on your stomach is bad...unless you enjoy neck spasms (and traction). You'd probably be OK for now but once you get a bit older, you don't want to try and erase ingrained sleeping habits. Those things make quite a difference when you're a professional dancer at 25 or so and the body needs a bit more TLC...

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