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Back Bends

Guest dancin_E_37

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Guest dancin_E_37

How do you make back bends better, or strengthen your back? I know I've seen this question posted before, but I forget where! :) Sorry!

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You strengthen your back by strengthening your abdominal muscles. You increase flexibility with bending back, and you improve it by doing it! :)

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Ifyou just want a good back bend, make sure you're using proper form when practicing. I'm not sure if you want to just stregnthen your back or just want a nice backbend. There are also different ways to do back bends that stretch different things. Make sure your knees are pointing forwards and not outwards. Ideally, you're supposed to do a bridge with your feet together and your legs and arms straight.


Abdominal work and stretching your shoulders helps.

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I was thinking that she meant bending back, not actually doing back bends. Bending back as in cambré back in ballet. I was thinking ballet here, not acrobatics.


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Guest five feet seven

Another way to strengthen your back is to lie on the floor with your feet together and lift just your upper torso off the floor. make sure to keep your feet together!!!


If it is to difficult and your feet come off the floor, or become seperated you can have someone hold your feet down while you lift your chest off the floor. Then have the person holding your feet let go and try and mantain that position. Hope it works! :yes:

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