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Yesterday in Pas de Deux class my partner was trying to do an assemble tour into my chest and on her way up kicked me in the shin with the box of her pointe shoe...talk about pain. My leg swelled up immediately, and now there's a pretty large bruise on it. Does anyone have any tips on like how to reduce the brusing that's already there, or any other tips (besides the obvious icing and RICE formula)

My teacher told me there was some sort of topical thing that works, but I can't remember what she said it was, maybe it started with an A like Aranca or something like that... if anyone's ever heard of something like that let me know...thanx,


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Its called Arnica. I like to use it. I got really banged up for a show I was doing with this modern company I danced with last year and we all used it. It works well.

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Yes, that's tincture of Arnica. Look for it in the Generics section of your pharmacy. The same place they keep the castor oil and all the good ol' remedies.

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You can get it in a gel for topical application.

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