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pirouettes and styles

Guest carla_rg

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Guest carla_rg

Hi....I'm new here, so i hope this works... :sweating:


anyways, everytime i try to do pirouettes, I can only do a double and if I'm very very lucky a triple but with a horrible ending. But the other day in class, I thought I would try to turn bringing my arms a little bit closer to my chest (like you do when turning with a partner) and i turned sooo well!..it was awesome, I did a triple with a really good ending and If i tried harder I could have done four. I guess it's because my elbows cut the air making it easier to turn.


The "problem" would be, if that is a bad technique...Alicia Alonso says "never sacrifice the style for the step" and that kinda made me think. Maybe that can make me turn a lot more, but I would be losing the style.

What do you guys think? :yes:



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Welcome to Ballet Talk carla_rg! Congratulations on your successful first post.


The placement of the arms in pirouettes is different for different schools of ballet, even from teacher to teacher. One of the things that is consistent is the placement of the back in pirouettes! :yes: A choreographer could ask a dancer to turn with the hands holding the ears! A dancer must do it to the choreographers liking! It is important that a student work with hands/arms where a teacher wants them (hopefully that is also what will look best on the dancer). If you study different dancers who turn well, you will mostlikely see that one of the things they all have in common is the back! :sweating:

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Guest carla_rg

hey!....thank you so much for your reply :yes:

It is very helpful. Now I'm not gonna be that worried about the style, cause there's many, and as you said, it depends on the teacher....


thanks again



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