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penches in the center


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I have just started doing penche in the center. I'm okay at them, but sometimes I get off balance or I can't come back to arabesque from penche. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! :D

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Penché in the center is not that easy, and requires strong abdominal muscles along with the strength in the quad muscle of the supporting leg. Practice by getting a really good arabesque, then LIFT UP before you start to move into the penché...like UP to go down. Try to feel a connection from the fingers of the front arm to the toes of the back foot and move the whole position like a see saw (only without the stiffness in the arms!). Another image I use is to imagine yourself inside of a huge wheel. Your front arm touches the wheel, as does your back foot. Move the wheel forward and then bring it back up.


Also, to practice, start by finding your center and maintaining it in a small penché, meaning not all the way over in the tilt. When you have that balanced and controlled on the coming up, then take it a bit further, and then soon there will be a full penché!

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Thanks Ms. Leigh, I've been having trouble with those too. I always tend to either fall forward or fall sideways. Luckily I've been able to start taking Pilates regularly again so maybe they'll start improving! :D


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Remember that the movement needs to have an equal and opposite pull from center outwards. Therefore, you cannot go forward and down more than your leg is going upwards and back. And of course if you tilt even slightly to one side or the other, it's over.

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yeah, as soon as a feel my weight going to one side, I know it's over. I just try to keep myself square and on my leg.

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A way to induce this feeling synthetically is to draft two of your friends to help you. Take an arabesque, have one friend pull lightly straight forward on your index finger of the hand in front, and another friend pull lightly straight back on your big toe of the working foot. Penché. Have your friends let go. Pretend to feel the slight pull outward from each absent friend. Come on up. It should be easy, as long as you maintain your arabesque and lift out of your supporting leg, and up and forward through the body throughout the whole thing.

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I use to have trouble with penche, but they have gotten better. But me and my dance friends use to do the thing were they pull slightly on the front hand and it did help a lot!! Just wanted to let you know!

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Guest fouette8O9

i used to have trouble with them also. You can try doing one with your hand on the barre and then taking it off to feel your ballance and NEVER look in the mirror cause you always fall.

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