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Échappé sur les pointes


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" Échappé on the points or toes. Fifth position R foot front. Demi-plié and, with a little spring, open the feet to the second or fourth position sur les pointes. The feet should glide rapidly to the open position and both feet must move evenly. On reaching the open position both knees must be held taut. With a little spring return to the fifth position in demi-plié. If the échappé is done in the second position the R foot may be " - taken from http://www.abt.org/education/dictionary/index.html ( ABT dictionary on the web )


Does this meen that when doing echappe (sp) your feet go directly from flat to pointe or do your feet go through demi pointe up onto pointe. ( hope this makes sence ).


Are there more then one way to do an echappe (sp) as on a nother forum someone gave a differant discription how it is done. According to the other discription you roll through demi pointe up to pointe after sliding your feet out.



Freddie :D

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Freddie, usually échappé sur le pointe is done very quickly, and the action is directly to the pointes. When the legs are in an open postion like second or fourth you would not want to actually see the demi pointe position on the way to the pointes.

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Thankyou for the information.


Freddie :P

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At a summerschool one of the teachers once said:


"think as if you're doing two tendues out of your plie at the same time" (so front and back for your fourth position and to the sides for second position).


This really helped me big time with my echappes releves on pointe.


hope this helps you a bit...



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Thanks for the advice.


Freddie :P

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Can you do échappé without pointe shoes? Because I was doing them as a beginner and my ballet teacher said they were kind of weird/bad on flat. Thoughts?

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Yes, they are more difficult on flat shoes but ok to do.

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I begin teaching échappé relevé in the year prior to my students being placed en pointe. I teach it a la quatrième devant and derrière, as well as a la seconde.

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