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I know that Gelsey Kirkland wrote a book, but does anyone know the name of it? I thought it was something like Danceing on my Grave?

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Yes, Dancing on My Grave and The Shape of Love are both available through amazon.com.

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Thank you so much, I know someone who read the book and loved it! Thanks for giving me the tittles, does anyone know what the book is exactly about, is just her life in gernal or is a specific part of her life? :)

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The first book is autobiography. The second continues the autobiography and contains many observations on life, love and art.

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Guest musicality

Wow, I just finished this book last night! In fact, I stayed up much too late to do so. Quite an eye opener. I'm amazed how she never seemed satisfied with her dancing and how hard she worked for perfection. A must read. Enjoy!

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If you're under 14, please read this:


We'd strongly suggest that if you're under 14, you read this book only with your parents' consent. I hope that doesn't make it seem more enticing -- I'm not saying that because it's jucy, but because it could be upsetting. I remember a very young poster here (before we put in the 13-year-old age limit) who loved Kirkland and was so excited about this book, and read it and, when she finished it, posted, very sadly, "I don't love Gelsey anymore." She was a very great dancer, but this book was written at a difficult time in her life.


'Nuff said -- but please check with your parents on this one. If you have read it and have questions about anything, please ask your parents or a teacher you trust; talk about it. Everyone's career is not like this.

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I love Dancing on my Grave, but I agree that it's pretty disturbing at many points. I think that it's definitely an amazing book, and I was really impressed with the quality of Gelsey Kirkland's writing (though granted, she did collaborate with her husband Greg Lawrence, who I think is some type of writer though I can't remember specifically). I'd say it's a really great read, though, and would encourage people to check it out . . . I think it's only available through Amazon and may be out of print in bookstores, but I'm not positive about that.

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Has anyone else read her second book? I liked the first one better, in that it was more 'novelish' (I admit it! I admit it!), but I thought that the second one was really interesting as well. I liked how she went into the whole process of her artistic approach to dancing Juliet - thought it was really interesting how she was so concerned with even the smallest of gestures.

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I read both books and liked the first one better.


It is sad, but I think that the first one is more interesting because it portrays such a train wreck of a life (shame on me for my purient interest :devil: ). The second book is much more peaceful, reflecting her much improved life situation and outlook.


Though I enjoyed the first book more, I'm really happy for her that she has straighten herself out.


...and yes, children should not read the these books. I'm not surprised that a former young fan of her's lost her adoration after reading the first book. It paints a rather ugly and frightening picture of a life spinning out of control.

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I adore Gelsey Kirkland! I loved both books! my favorite is the shape of love!!!! She's my favorite dancer, even though I've never seen her dance before!

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I finished Dancing on My Grave several weeks ago too... It does require a bit of understanding, but it was still interesting to read. It gave a glimpse of parts of the true dance world that many of us tend to forget about... Of course, all of us *know* that ballet is not all pretty and pink, but still......

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Guest dancing<><piper

Since I don't think I would be allowed to read it can anyone tell me kind of what happens?

I really like her too....

But that might be violating a rule or since I can't read it? Anyway, were things just hard for her or like did she do bad things?

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