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What should I expect?


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My entire life, I've studied ballet at studios which offer great training, but probably not quite enough to get you a pro-career (although there have been a few that have made it from my studio/s). Next Saturday (May 22nd), I will be auditioning for Boston Ballet School for next year (although I hope to continue where I am now in addition). This will be my first 'real' audition so to speak; I've been to a few others but at those I just took a class with their students, so I really don't know what to expect. I tend to do well under pressure (most dancers do I suppose), but I'm still starting to get a bit nervous because I don't want to make a fool out of myself. Anything I should do to prepare? What color leotard should I wear (I was thinking basic black but I've also heard that you should try to stand out)? What will they be looking for? Will I be way out of my league?


BTW I'm 15 (turning 16 in September), and currently dance (ballet only) 4-5 days a week (10hrs.). I've been en pointe for 4 years and taking ballet/whatever its called when your tiny since I was old enough to express my opinion. Compared with other dancers my age I'd say I'm about average-slightly better but that is just based upon my experience in looking at other studios and my experience last summer at Albany Berkshire Ballet.




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Megan, it will be a class, so there is really no preparation except to just look your best and dance your best, and, most important, keep a very positive, happy, and receptive attitude. Welcome corrections, acknowledge them and try them immediately.


As for leotard, if there is no requirement as to color, wear something that you feel really good in. If you feel like you really look good, you will dance better and with more confidence. :)

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Thank you so much!


I'm not quite as nervous as I was before and am starting to get really excited about the audition. I still don't know what color I'll wear but I'm thinking I'll just sticl with black but with a more 'dramatic' style than just a cami.

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