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Ballet Talk for Dancers

What is Proper Etiquette?


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From another point, there are some teachers who prefer the students to be actively involved when they give a combination. Some feel that in order to get a combination into their bodies, they must move-- it's not enough just to hear it (same principle, when you get a correction --or one is given to the class--you DO it, you don't just listen to it.) I have seen some teachers get upset when they feel a class is standing around and not paying attention fully (though I think the teacher in question should not have yelled and screamed about it). When I teach, I do much prefer the students to be marking as I give the combination-- it's somewhat disconcerting to be demonstrating and talking and have 15 pairs of eyes attached to motionless bodies just looking at you and not moving! I do teach 9-12 year olds, and feel it is particuarly important for this age group. It becomes lss important for advanced ladies, who already have their technique well within their bodies. Moderators, of course, delete if this is not appropriate, but I just wanted to let her know another idea! :)

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An update from my original post...


DD and I had a long talk about how to make friends in a new studio. She decided to bite the bullet and approach the girls at the beginning of class last week.

Much to her surprise, they were friendly right back at her. :rolleyes: In fact, when she was leaving the class, one of the girls around her age, called out goodbye and said she would see her at the next class. Since then I have noticed a few more smiles directed at my daughter and a little bit of talking after class too.

DD is also marking a bit more at this school, since it seems to be what is expected of the girls. She still will not mark when a teacher is giving corrections to the class even though a few of the girls still do it. DD feels this is impolite and she may miss something important.

Most likely this was a period of adjustment for everyone and with a bit of time, all will be fine. I have come to realize that it must be just as difficult to the current students to have a new dancer come into the studio as it is for a new dancer joining a new studio. No one quite knows what to expect from the other.

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Excellent tactic, and expertly analyzed by you!


I'm so glad things are working out.


Clara :rolleyes:

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I'm not a parent, so delete this if its not allowed.


I remember reading that your daughter is going to Joffrey Midwest. Judy Rice (one of the teachers there) likes everyone to do the arms full out for every combination (barre and center). She will of course tell everyone that during the classes, but its just something extra to know before you get there!

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Judy Rice taught an incredible ballet class at our Regional Festival last month!! She was one of the first instructors we called to come when we host Festival. Your daughter will LOVE her! DD really learned some great things from her in just one class. :wub:

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