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Psycho pirouettes

Guest Eulalia

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Guest Eulalia

I recently switched schools, and I'm learning a different technique of turning. (I used to cross the passe and now it's higher and not crossed.) Anyway, everytime I'm about to turn I get scared and I dunno clank up or something. I used to be able to turn triple and quads on demi and triples and doubles en pointe. Now I can hardly do a single. I am so frustrated. It's not a strength or balance thing ( i can balance for 3 counts of 8 and I get stuck on releve occasionally). Please help me. :o


Especially Ms. Leigh or Mr. Johnson. Thanks! :wacko:

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It's really a matter of changing habit. You have become habituated to doing pirouettes one way, now you have to change. It will take a lot of patience and hard work, but you can do this! :wacko:

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Guest arabesque07

Is it incorrect technique to not cross the passe? I have always been taught that it should be crossed.

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No, it should not. The passé position, or most correctly, retiré devant, is done with the point of the toe held at the dimple just below the kneecap of the (well-rotated) supporting leg. The little toe should just be touching the leg. In retiré derrière, the foot appears to be crossed over the supporting leg in back.

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So does that mean that it is incorrect technique to cross the foot? Or is it an acceptable shortcut for turning only? Or is it simply a difference in training, with neither method being wrong? Sorry, I am a little confused... :thumbsup:

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No, in an academic pirouette, the foot does not cross in front of the supporting leg. In practice, you can do pirouettes in any position at all, but the basic plain-vanilla pirouette is done in a demi-retiré or retiré devant. I know of choreography where the foot is supposed to cross over, but not an academic exercise.

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Thanks. Thats what I thought it was, but I figured I'd better check in case I run into it in the future!

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