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Career: Uses of Ballet Background


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Recently Ive been thinking about studying dance/ballet full/part time but am unsure what options I have. I realise that at 26 with just over two years ballet traning Im ceratainly am not going to become a professional dancer, however what other jobs/careers are there in the dance industry?

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Cassy, I know there are other threads on this, but it has been a while, and I don't think it will hurt to bring it up again. There are really a lot of ways to be involved in ballet, full or part time, besides being a dancer. Some that come to mind are: Costumer or costume designer; Lighting designer; Stage Manager; Dance journalist or critic; Fund raiser; Promotion and advertising; Company or School Manager. (A degree in Arts Management is highly recommended for some of these things.)

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Thanks for your suggestions Im going to take a look at the thread dancemaven :blink:

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I do remember that thread now! Was it really that long ago!!

Im just trying to find as much info and inspiration as possible as to the best direction to proceed. There are so many paths to choose from :blink:

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A friend of mine from college (dance major at Smith College) ended up working with autistic children. She found that they often responded to dance and movement when they wouldn't respond to anything else. So she used her dance training (sometimes she actually danced for the children!) as a different sort of dance (movement) therapy.

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Wow, Veronica, that's some young lady you've got there! (Imagine a "tipping my hat" emoticon here) :thumbsup:

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If you can make some time to share your passion with others to their benefit that is very admirable

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