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Guest Amy_Dance

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Guest Amy_Dance

Hi !


This summer I am going to Vancouver,Canada to study,the thing is I do not want to leave my ballet class. Could anyone recommend me a dance school near Hawthorne or Metrotown in Vancouver? Any kind or suggestion would be very aprecciate. Thanks a lot!! :)

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Hi Amy Dance:


"Knock, knock"


I live in Vancouver, so I should be able to help you out. Can you provide me with a little bit more information like: age, level, whether you are trained in a particular school (i.e RAD) and whether this is important to you, are you looking for drop-in or regular schedule. Metrotown is in an area known as Burnaby, which is easily accessed by LRT (light rapid transit) and buses to Vancouver. I have never heard of Hawthorne :( , and I have lived her my entire life--but friends and colleagues often tease me about never having made it out of the Westside.


We have some great schools here, so it should be easy to set you up. Vancouver is a beautiful city :( , we try to keep it a secret.



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Guest Amy_Dance

Hi Allegra Fan:


I am looking for a school preferentially with the RAD System.I am 17 and I have beeen placed in an Intemediate Level.Preferentially drop-in schedule.

And do not worry, Hawthorne is a Language School,there is where I am going to study. Since that is my reference point (because I have never been at Vancouver) I thought about mentioning. Thanks a lot for your help!!!! :)


P.D What kind of weather do you have in Summer?

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Hi Amy_Dance:


Okay, a couple of options here. It will of course be a little harder during the summer to find a ballet program that you can attend on a drop in basis. Many schools close or run a summer program, for which you need to register and attend regularly. A wonderful RAD ballet school in Vancouver (Ms. Leigh will agree with me here) is the Goh Ballet Academy. Gob Ballet The training is top-notch. They run a summer program, but you should call to find out if they have any drop-in classes over the summer. They are located on Main Street, and are quite central. I attend Harbour Dance Harbour Dance , which offers drop in classes in various disciplines. All of the classes are adult drop-in (you can buy a punch card of 10 or 20 classes, which makes the price quite affordable). A mature teen is very welcome to take classes. The ballet classes are wonderful, and go from beginner to advanced. They offer a flexible summer program, so you should check out their web site for all the details. Harbour Dance is located downtown, and from Metrotown it is only a 10 minute Sky Train ride (LRT) and a short walk. It is not affiliated with any particular curriculum, as the teachers come from various schools (POB, RBS, RWB, and NBS). I would highly recommend Harbour. It is kind of like our Vancouver version of "Steps". Check out these two options and see what you think. If they are not what you are looking for, post again and I will offer up some other options. These are your two best bets though.


Our weather is quite nice in the summer. We are known for our rainy and mild winters, and sunny temperate summers. We actually are in drought mode right now. We really didn't have very much rain this winter or spring, and have had above normal temperatures and sunshine so far. The usual temperature in the summer is about 22 degrees Celsius (you'll need to convert that to Fahrenheit), but we often get much warmer. We are a coastal city, so we do get breezes of the water. I would bring regular summer gear (shorts, tee's, long pants, a light coat), and some rain gear (just about everyone who lives here has a gortex jacket). Bring a swimsuit--we have a great outdoor pool at Kits beach.


Best of luck. I think you'll have a fantastic time here this summer. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.



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Guest Amy_Dance

Allegra Fan :


Both are great options but I think I would go for Harbour Centre because of the schedule (that is very flexible) and the fact that they have so many dance styles to learn about.


Thanks a lot for your help!!!! :thumbsup:

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