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how to get my arch stronger and look better...

ABT Wannabe

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hey everyone!! does anyone know any really good streches or exercizes to help me make my arche look better and make it stronger? I am having some trouble...


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Guest limeymauve

The one we do in class we just call the partner stretch.....it's the one where you sit across from a partner and extend one leg on the floor. They stretch your foot by pressing down on the top of your foot gently (it's really important that they have one hand under your ankle just behind your heel though). They put pressure on it until you feel a good stretch, hold it for a second, then they let go and you hold it there. It works flexibility and strength, so that's probably good to do. But Mr. Johnson and Ms. Leigh know best, I hope I explained it right.

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ABT Wannabe, if you look around a bit I think you will find about a gazillion threads on this topic! :D The main answers are always the same though: Therabands, and lots and lots of work on tendu, dégagé, pas de cheval, frappé, elevé and relevé. Learn to really WORK your feet well in class and that is the very best exercise there is.

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Guest Eulalia

Therabands are good for strength and helping to improve your feet. If you get "The Dancer's Dozen" from Gaynor Minden it has several really good excercises in it. Well, I hope that helped, and good luck. :D

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