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Buddy Board?


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Okay, Rosie, you should see the BB now :D

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Yes, when you sign on, you should see Buddy Board entries.

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Okay, ballethoney, you are now a Teen member, and will see the Buddy Board :D

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The buddy boar is a little backed up now, giving rides to tiny children. But he's very friendly as pigs go. Oh, buddy BOARD! Just a minute.

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Guest five feet seven

LOL. You make me laugh.


I think that I'm qualified for the buddy board. [?!] May I see it?


While I'm asking questions, am I supposed to refer to you as Mel? or Mr. Johnson? sorry....I just thought I would ask. :wub:




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Look at the signatures of the moderators, five feet seven. They show how the teachers here should be addressed, which is just as all teachers should be addressed in the classical ballet world. :wub:


Yes, you will see the Buddy Board in a couple of minutes.

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I am new here too but i will try my best to explain it...once you have posted a certain amount of posts and been a memeber of balllet talk on-line the moderators will activate something so that you get another forum...thats all i know so far.

Hope i helped

Peace Out!

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