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Over the last few years Summer Intensive Forums has grown from a yearly survey format into a vast repository of helpful information that we hope to keep around for a long time.


Each SI has been assigned an individual thread, please look carefully through all the pages before you decide that your summer program is not listed. We've also included all sorts of subjects relating to summer intensives in both The General Topics and FAQ sub forums and that is where we are trying to keep these discussions so that people will have an easier time when they're searching for information from housing in NYC, to the number of pairs of pointe shoes to bring - and everything else you might think of! Take your time to look through all the pages - then if you don't see what you're looking for, don't hesitate to post a new thread. :)


The SI Forum is open to parents, dancers and teachers. Check the stickies at the tops of each forum for all the rules. First-hand impressions only, please - no second or third hand stories! :D And make your feedback as detailed as possible the good and the not so good... Talk about your classes, how many you had a day, what they were, how the teachers were, what the food was like, whether the living arrangements (dorms, laundry, etc.) were nice or not... Was there a physical therapist available... Tell us if you'd like to go back next year, etc.!


Be the first on your block to post your SI experiences and then grab your friends and encourage them to post their impressions as well! As always, the success of this forum will be measured by the up-to-date information that is exchanged between posters. :wink:


And for 2004 and earlier feedback on the majority of SIs go to the Archives scroll down and you will find a list. :thumbsup:

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