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Guest five feet seven


I'm not sure if this is in the right forum so please move it if its not... thanks!


okay, basically I would like to find out a bit more about Juilliard. I was wondering if it is mostly modern based or ballet based. Also, how many people does Julliard accept a year for a b.m? and how many for the si? Finally, does it help to be accepted at their summer program and go, to get into the college?


If anyones been there or knows that would be great.



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I think their modern program is stronger than ballet. I don't know anything about numbers accepted, or whether going to the SI matters or not. I do know that it is a very difficult program to be admitted to, both academically and dancewise.

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Moreover, I don't know if you can major in ballet. I believe that you have to take the whole dance program as a package.

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I know that Juilliard accepts 100 new freshmen every year, it probably helps to go to the summer program. I also know that you need to have at least a 3.8 GPA, if not higher. I don't know about SAT or ACT scores, but I imagine they must be high. Hope this helps!

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to finish what i was going to say before i rushed off to rehearsal, there are also 90 in the drama department and 600 in the music department.


if that doesn't make it obvious who gets the preference...

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This is kind of second-second hand info, but I have heard that as a freshman, you don't get to perform at all. Also as a transfer student, I think its easier to get in. That might be something to think about...But I really don't know how acurate that is.

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Guest five feet seven

Much thanks for all of your information.


Just to make things a little more clear, do you know if the 90 in the dance division is for each year or for the entire dance division for freshman thourgh seniors.


Thanks again. Its very helpful :flowers:

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Guest balletmom1

knock, knock:

Not a young dancer but a mom so delete if needed.


DD and I took Juilliard tour last summer on a trip to NYC. We lucked out and had a dance major give our tour.


She gave a number of 24 freshman - 12 girls, 12 guys.

She also said that Juilliard prides themselves on the employment rate for their dancers, so it seemed to her that they tried to select students with the potential for an actual career at the end.


Don't know if that's exact, but probably close.

So 90 would be for all four years.


Hope that helps.

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Guest balletmama

Another mom here; hope that's ok. Dd spent a summer at Juilliard and loved every minute. The RAs are year-round students and very talented. Although in the past the ballet was known as less strong than the modern, it has been upgraded considerably in recent years. The atmosphere there is quite different from that in many ballet company programs; choreographers come in and set pieces on the dancers, there is a strong emphasis on developing one's own identity as a dancer, and there is a lot of experimenting with the links between dance and other arts. A very exciting atmosphere and perfect for a certain type of student.

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Freshman of high school or college?


How does the summer intensive compare to the year round program?

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