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Champagne again

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I'm always looking for a champagne excuse, and now I have got two good reasons to pop open a bottle or two...


After over a year of trying, I have got my perfect job in a perfect advertising agency - a permanent job at that!


Also, my long-suffering boyfriend proposed to me and we are going to get married next year!


What good things have happened to you lately?

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Wonderful news, Kate! Thanks for sharing that... it's good to

be able to celebrate your new job, and even better to celebrate

your relationship. I wish you all possible happiness in both!

One of my favorite poems is in celebration of first love;

I'm including it below, and thinking that perhaps, no matter

what our ages and experiences,all loves are first loves, in a way.


Best wishes!


First Love


At his incipient sun

The ice of twenty winters broke,

Crackling, in her eyes.


Her mirroring, still mind,

That held the world (made double) calm,

Went fluid, and it ran.


There was a stir of music,

Mixed with flowers, in her blood;

A swift impulsive balm


From obscure roots;

Gold bees of clinging light

Swarmed in her brow.


Her throat is full of songs,

She hums, she is sensible of wings

Growing on her heart.


She is a tree in spring

Trembling with the hope of leaves,

Of which the leaves are tongues.


-- Stanley Kunitz

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That's fantastic news, Kate - double congratulations!

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