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What if things dont go the way there supposed to?


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I am at the age still where i dont have to think about what i am going to do with my life yet but i am just kinda curious. WHat happens if you get asked to stay with a ballet school for the school year and you keep going there until your old enough to try out for there company or the company they feed into. WHat if you dont make it in? Its probably happend to tons of poeple but do you just try out for another company or is there nothing else you can do.

Just Curious...

Peace Out :flowers:

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You are really a "free agent" in that case. If you've been given a scholarship or some other incentive to hold you to a given company school, then they do have a right to have some say about your auditioning "outside of the box", but if you've auditioned for that feeder school's company, and not been accepted with an apprenticeship or some really visible sign of progress toward company employment, then you've got the ethical right, if not duty to audition anywhere your heart pleases.

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