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Guest LaFilleMalGardee

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Guest LaFilleMalGardee

I was thinking about attending CPYB yearround and I was hoping to get some feedback from other dancers who have attended there during the year.


I bet you can guess that my first question is do you/did you like it? Would you say that is it a strict environment where classes have a professional quality (Do the students follow the rules and the dress codes or do they fool around? I am currently having problems with more fooling around at my studio then I would like... :P ) Did you stay with a host family? If so, how was your experience with that? Do the teachers tend to focus on their "favorites" or do they try to pay attention to everyone that will focus and work hard?


If you have any other info that you think I should know, that would be great too!

Thanks! :shhh:


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hi! i am going to cpyb this summer and probably going year round also! I know some people there and they really like it. Cpyb has totally transformed them into a great dancer. The school is sooo professional and has a VERY strict dress code for example it is a privelage you can only have if u take at least 16 classes a week to wear an elastic around your leotard ( waist belt)!! I think that kinda gives you the picture of it. In terms of host families there are some good ones and some not so good ones so you have to be smart about it. If you really dont like your host family you can go live with your friend. Obviously they have their favorites everywhere does but I do think they pay attention to more or less everyone. I am probably going down to carlisle next week to take some classes and see if it is for me. I will update you more when I know more! :shhh:

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Guest LaFilleMalGardee

Thanx for the info! I'd love to hear what you think when you go too! I was hoping to go up there and take some classes before the summer starts too, but I have a performance coming up so I can't leave my studio any time soon.

I'm also going there for the summer so maybe I'll see you around! :)

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