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Hi All,

Since my school is taking a 2 week hiatus after the spring show (and right before I go to my first ADC :shhh: ) I am looking into other adult classes in the NY area. I'm steering clear of STEPS, B'way Dance and Peridance because I don't get a good vibe from most of the classes I have taken there. Any suggestions?


Also, I was wondering if anyone has any experience taking classes with Beth Goheen from Paul Taylor Dance Co. She was reccommended by two women in my class and I would love to get a little more information. Thanks muchly!

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Well, I only know STEPS so I'll shamelessly plug a class anyway.


My teacher, Emilietta Ettlin, has a new class at STEPS on Monday and Wednesday at 3PM in the Annex downstairs. The atmosphere is a lot more sane than upstairs. The studio is smaller, but doesn't have a zillion people staring in and gawking. It's a friendly class, there's been only about 12 students so far, and you'll get lots of individual corrections. The level of students is totally mixed but somehow it works for everyone. You'd learn a lot from her class.

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Thanks for the info lampwick, I can see how that class could be a bit different than some others at STEPS. I work the daily 9-5 so taking that would be a stretch with the boss, but maybe I will come check it out. Could you generally place the level of the class - beginner, intermediate, advanced? It's ok if you can't, I'm just interested!

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Hi ashatNYU,

I am so sorry you didn't feel at home at Peridance - I used to take class there on Saturdays with Giada Ferrone, and I thought she was just fantastic. She gave wonderful corrections. I'll be the first to admit, the atmosphere in a lot of NYC classes can be pretty intimidating, but if you can get the hang of it, it's totally worthwhile!!

Good luck, I hope you find a place that feels like home!

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The class is taught at an Intermediate level. Combinations can be tricky, but she takes the time to really explain and demonstrate each one, so you feel pretty comfortable before you begin. Again, there is a lot of variety in the levels of students. Emilietta really takes pride in what she can do for students of all levels. She doesn't care where you're at...it's all about getting better and working correctly with your body.


You'd learn tons about placement, weight transfer, how to use your upper back, etc...


She also has ballet on Sundays at 5 upstairs.

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I've enjoyed classes at Ballet Academy East on the Upper East Side. Nice studios, not real crowded, not as much attitude and competition as other places I've been to in NYC. I enjoyed the open class at ABT although it did seem very sink-or-swim -- ie, the teacher, a substitute the night I went, didn't give many corrections, and the combinations both at the barre and in center were very fast even though it seemed quite a minority of students could handle them.

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Oh thank you scoop! I wanted to hear from someone with experience there. I have a friend who has danced there much of her life, but she wasn't able to give any first-hand info about the adult classes.

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ashatNYU... based on what you've said about yourself in the past, you need a studio/teacher with a consistent, progressive approach. STEPS is a professional dance studio; dancers who are already at a professional level are best able to make use of the resources there. It's not as good for learning to dance if you're not already there yet.


For your purposes, I would recommend finding a teacher/class you like at one of:


* Ballet Academy East. They have some absolutely excellent teachers, all different in approach. I studied there for a summer:

-) Johan Renvall, was an ABT star.

-) Lorna Zawacki, I find her approach very beneficial.

-) Don Paradise, Danced for the Ballets Russes

-) Francis Patrelle, is an active choreographer

They also have a point class on Sunday at 2:15 you might find beneficial.





* Ballet Arts. This is not so well-known, but it's actually the second oldest continuously operating dance school, after SAB. Not surprisingly, it has a long history. Its atmosphere would probably be good for you.


I don't know the current teachers at Ballet Arts so well. However, Eva Evdokimova teaches there. Although I've never studied with her, I know she is absolutely one of the best ballet teachers in the world. I've read great articles about her. It was a big deal when Boston Ballet was able to hire her --- and an even bigger deal when they let her go only a year later, for no apparent reason. That means she's back in New York, where YOU can study with her for only the cost of one class. It's a steal.





* Joffrey Ballet School. There's always the Joffrey Ballet School, closer to downtown.






I would definitely recommend Ballet Academy East for your purposes.

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Oh citibob you are wonderful! I already study at Joffrey with Dena Moss, but I will definitely be looking into the other two next week. Thanks so much for taking the time to make personalized reccommendations, it really means a lot :)

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Hi - I'm relatively new here and have just found this thread... I'll be in New York visiting friends for a few days in July, and would like to attend some adult classes to keep in shape - I'll check out the recommendations above, but if anyone has specific suggestions for places where you can just walk-in and pay by the class, that would be great. Ideally I'd want an advanced or int/adv level, and I also don't mind taking the regular 'girls' classes (since they all think I'm their age anyways!!!!) although it sometimes can get intimidating!




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just trying to re-ask my question, above!


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ami1436, have you run a search. This subject has been discussed so many times on this Board, I am sure there is more information. Not living in NYC, I am not up on the current trends in open schools, but check out Steps and Peridance websites also! :D


Enjoy NYC!

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You can just walk into and pay for a single class at Steps on Broadway, Broadway Dance Center and American Ballet Theatre. Check their schedules on line. Most of the children's classes are done for the year.

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I am in New York for the summer and planning to take class mostly at Steps and Broadway Dance Center.

I have kind of a specific question, and am not sure if it's appropriate or not, so please delete if not.


Can anyone tell me if there are some Adv.Beg./Low Int. teachers who tend to do more jumping than turning?

It's not a huge problem, but I like jumping more than turning.

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Guest abc4dance

At Peridance check out classes by Giada Ferrone, Kenny Larson and Graciela Kozak.


Kenny also teaches at Dancespace downtown.


Another person to check out is Zvi Gotheiner who is at city space.

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