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Wed. night at the met I saw Svetlana Zakharova in la bayadere and she is my favorite dancer now!!! she is the most incredible dancer I have ever seen in my life, so perfect it's like not even real how amazing she is. I was wondering if anyone knew any ballet videos with her in them if you do pleaaaaaseeee post them!! :shhh:

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Guest Dancer4701



Svetlana is my favorite dancer. I think she's absolutly amazing. There are a couple DVD's with her one them. I will list them below. You can buy both of them at Amazon. I haven't seen either DVD but I'm going to order them. She also has a web site http://www.svetlana-zakharova.com


The Pharaoh's daughter by the Bolshoi http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00...6301556-1884860


The Kirov Celebrates Nijinsky / Sheherazade, La Spectre de la Rose, The Polovtsian Dances, The Firebird



I hope this helped.



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She performed the Corsaire PDD with Zelinsky at the Mariinsky for the 300th anniversary gala of St.Petersburg which was broadcast (BBC?); you might find someone who taped it. As Zelinsky could not lift above shoulders due to his surgery, the famous lift was replaced by her to-the-ceiling developpé ecarté, quite an effect. You'll also see lopatkina's dying swan and the Bayadere PDD with Vishneva and Sarafanov.

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On The Kirov Celebrates Nijinsky tape, Zakharova dances in Sheherazade with Farukh Ruzimatov. Definitely something worth watching! :)

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Guest dancer522

I wish I could have seen her at the Met! I wanted to, but we were actually only going to go if we could make sure we were going to see her. Anyway, it interfered with my SI, too. I've never seen her dance live, but I'll probably be buying one of those DVDs from Amazon.com! I've seen tons of pictures, though, and a couple video clips, which I'm guessing are the ones somebody linked above.

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no way you met svetlana!!! :clover: that is awesome...she is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(im hoping to see bolshoi this summer so maybe i will see her dance!!!)

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Oh, I forgot to say that I did get to meet her after the performance with the Kirov. I was with someone who spoke Russian so they spoke to her and she posed for a photo with me.

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Guest somedaySAB

Svetlana is such a beautiful dancer! I once saw a picture of her in class and she had her develope to the side in a complete split with her standing leg. And her torso was straight up, too! I don't know how on earth she did that...she is phenomenal!

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I love Svetlana Zakharova and was wondering if anyone knew of any galleries online because I'd love to get more pictures of her. She's so amazing!

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You can find many pictures of her as well as a biography at www.ballerinagallery.com :yes: Just look for her name, I believe it's last, alphabetically.



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